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Linear Air Track Meter with accessories

Product Code : EL-PE-10450

This Mini Linear Air Track is designed to provide a cost-effective way of studying all aspects of dynamics in a virtually friction-free environment. 
The Mini Linear Air Track kit contains everything required for an array of experiments covering: velocity; force and acceleration; potential energy; kinetic energy; conservation of energy; SHM; motion on level and inclined planes and more. 
An air source is required to operate the track, which can be provided by our Laboratory Air Blower which is not included.
The Linear Air Track is particularly effective in the observing and measuring of collisions where conservation of momentum is dramatically demonstrated. 
The Air Track track itself measures 1.5 metres overall and is made from high strength 56 x 56 mm extruded aluminium.
The tracks gliders are designed to accept standard slotted masses for additional loads and is supplied with a comprehensive accessory pack to enable every type of interaction.
It is supplied with a range of accessories including vehicles with mass attachments, catapults and buffers. 
For measurement of glider speeds, standard light gates and timers are required. 
Alternatively the Air Track can be used with the Logger lights gates and Wi-Fi module for stunning results


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