Binocular Microscope 1000x, LED Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Binocular Microscope 1000x, LED

Product Code : EL-M-10537

A double layer mechanical stage allows for free movement and precision slide placement for the best possible viewing of specimens.
The new premium 1000x microscope is perfectly suited to A level and higher education science.
The microscope features a high quality precision frame and comes with four achromatic objectives. 
These are 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x. 
A duct cover is included to reduce maintenance requirements.

Technical Specifications:-
Head: Binocular
Eyepiece: WF10X/18mm
Nosepiece: Quadruple
Objectives: 4X 10X 40Xs 100Xs(oil)
Illumination: LED Illumination
Condenser: Abbe Condenser NA1.25 with Diaphragm
Focusing System: Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment Coarse Stroke 36mm
Stage: Double Layer Mechanical Stage142x132mm , Moving Range75mmx50mm


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